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How to customize Shopify notification emails with the new template editor

It appears that Shopify has today sneakily launched a major overhaul of their extremely outdated notification templates.

This is long overdue—and a welcome upgrade. So, well done, Shopify!

But it may cause issues for existing merchants—and we are already hearing reports of store owners who are a bit baffled about what has happened to their emails.

Shopify’s new email template customization settings

What’s new?

The biggest change is that Shopify now provides professional, elegant templates for all notification emails. Gone are the ugly, plaintext emails that were default—probably since the beginning of Shopify time.

Can they be customized?

Yes, absolutely—you have two options:

  1. If you are happy with the default templates overall, you can simply add your logo and specify the “accent” color by clicking the customize at …/admin/settings/notifications. This will apply your logo and color setting to all default themes. And they look pretty darn good!
  2. If you wish to customize them further, you can do so by clicking on each individual email where you can edit the source code as before.

Does Shopify provide documentation on this?

Yep, take a look at the updated docs on their support site.

I’m still baffled. Can I get help with this?

If you’re unsure how to deal with this and need help, feel free to buy a block of Shopify Expert support time and one of our team will be happy to assist.

In fact, because there are clearly already merchants struggling with this, we are happy to offer 25% off your order—just use the promo code PRETTYEMAILS until the end of June.

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